Hello from Watford / St Albans

Hi guys,

Thought I would say hello and introduce myself, along with a few pics of the pride and joy.

I bought it pretty much a year ago to this day, riding it back through the snow from south Wales :smiley:

It’s been my first bike since passing my DAS in Feb of last year and after sorting some initial ‘niggles’ has been a joy to ride.

Its a ZXR400 L9, photos taken in Watford, but ive moved up the road to St Albans since then.

Its pretty much completely standard (how I like 'em), aside from the interchangeable rear seat cowl (unlike the photos i’ve got the original one on now, although I have no real affinity for either combination) and some crash protectors and paddock bobbins.

Welcome aboard, very nice bike.

How do you keep it that clean?


5 minutes with some paper towels and a can of wd40 does the job!
That and keeping it locked away come wet and wintery weather also helps :wink:

Hi, loving the bike :slight_smile: I like the addition of that little decal in the last pic too

Hi and welcome!