Hello from Portugal

Hello to all, sorry about the language but i’m portuguese and dont know very well to write in english. My name is Diogo i live in Lisbon and i’ve a Susuki GSX-R1000 (2006) before this one i had a Hornet 600.

It is unnecessary to say that I love motorbikes.

When you decide to visit Portugal let me know, the first beer is on me!

hello and welcome hows the weather in your fine country ?

Welcome to LB dude how are the roads in Portugal because that is a great bike in a warm country, nice roads and you’d be set Poke, poke n SLAP with Da european newbie stick


Hi and welcome to the LBs, Iv’e been to Portugal many times but on the Algarve,


Bemvenuto (I think that’s how you say it in Portuguese…)

Hello, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures forum for us!

Hey welcome to LB

I have family in Lisbon (opposite vasco de gamma) and Setubal,

Im there for a week just before Christmas so I,ll bring your your first LB shirt!!

welcome to the site!

Hi there! I was in Lisbon the week before last for a few days … sorry I missed you!! I’ll buy you a SuperBock the next time I’m over or a mojito in the Tequila bar in the Bairro Alto

Superbock rocks !

Sagres is a close second !!

Good call that man!! SuperBock Export is what we need!!

The weather know it’s a litle rain, but generaly is good.

“Bem vindo”,that’s the way we say welcome.

Thanks all for the warm reception. I will put some pics in the right section.

May be next time, we can go drink a SuperBock.

When you are in Portugal say something.

Welcome!! Right now I’m wishing I lived in sunnier climes Have you got a spare room, lol

MadMaluco… Hello… Welcome to LB… Did you get a chance to go to the GP a couple of weeks ago?

Lisbon hey? Still makes it LB then

Yes, it was very good.