Hello from outside the M25!

Anyone else from the deep South? Rochester, Kent and always looking for a ride.

This is a great site, I look forward to meeting some of you on a meet soon.

Heya, welcome to LB! We’ve got members from all over! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum for us!

not from down there, but often found around Strood, High Halstow and Cooling. Welcome to LB!

A very warm welcome !


welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick…



there are a few people who live out in Kent and there is always a ride out happening so just check out the ride out section!!

Hellooooo & welcome

welcome Sir Suki

i live near Brands …dont be a stranger

(like chillednsorted!!!)

Hey there welcome to LB,

Get yerself on one of the rideouts or to Cubana on a Wednesday or the Newbie Meet at the Ace on the 2nd; there also Flats ride from Box Hill on the 8th - check out the rideouts as AJ suggested.

Keep it rubber side down.

Hi and welcome to the LBs


Welcome aboard!

Hey matey I’m from Rochester too

welcome i’m close to dartford

Welcome to lb


hello and velcom!!

fellow newbie here! poke poke

i also am not within the clutches of the M25, im over in oxfordshire but its just an excuse to bomb it down the road for a bacon sarnie and a coffee!!!


Welcome to the nut house

poke, poke n SmacK with Da newbie crutches

Da Artist