Hello from North London

morning all, I’m from Enfield

Current bike is a 2006 FZ6.

Great bike for commuting if anyone is looking to get one, use in all weather apart from the snow

Look forward to meeting you guys and gals

Ride safe all

Hi mate,

Welcome and ride safe!

welcome Zohan


Welcome to LB
I’m not far from your neck of the woods, look out for me on a blue hornet…usually have a bright orange rucksack on too :smiley:

You just missed newbie night at the Ace, next one is I think Mon 4th March which Hels is now organising :smiley:


Hi and welcome :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome guys, if u see a silver fz6 06 plate with a gears of war sticker on the licence plate give me a wave

Hi and welcome to the forum Zohan…I work in Enfield so might bump into you at some point :smiley:

You work in Enfield?
I always thought you and Kaos were south london based

We are in East London and I work in Enfield :smiley: