Hello from North& East London

Hey Guys/Girls…

Only a few days new to this site… seems pretty cool!

Just a quick helloooww to you all!


Hi and welcome!



A warm welcome to London Bikers !

NIMI- <Thats a fecking cool name!

Welcome to LB…

Thank u guys!!! & thank u2 Daws lol

Hello and welcome. See you around. :slight_smile:

Hello & welcome into the madness!
North East London right? Where exactly???
… I’m discovering neighbours lately :wink:

FUCKU U I was thinking of a reply but I wa wanking at the same time. you confused me and I deleted half mypost thinking u weren’t interested. I PAID FOR THAT TIME ******!!! Don’t choose a needy post .google and Europa “google” don’t like that feminist ****"

Bounds green & ilford & thanks u

Jamie… I have no clu what ur on about mate!! Lol

Ilford? Not far then from 'nam.


Welcome to LB!

Was this supposed to be a PM Jaime?:slight_smile:

He is SA so can be easily confused by bright colours and sounds , if he comes past again shout loudly and throw a beach ball at him .

yeah pretty local :slight_smile:

Welcome, east London here, not far from Ilford :smiley:

Thank u guys I feel very welcome!! Cheekychik where u from? Blade… u from pekham?

Jaime, spill the beans, what is this about!!?

oh and welcome Chika

Thanks Hannibal, not sure what Jamie was on at the time? lol