Hello from London-by-the-sea

Hello had a look around the site and decided to join in, some good stuff on here. I am a memeber of the Boxhill Forum, some of you might know me, I ride an 04 R1 Prepped and Painted, (my third R1 so you probably get where I am coming from where it comes to bikes).

Hope to see some of you in my Town

Hiya Bonus … nice to have you aboard … nice bike!

Thank you, yeah it has to be said I love me bike, loads of bits done but still more to do, you know how it is

Welcome to this forum mate, soon be back on the road (well thats the plan) and likely to be heading out your way on a rideout in the new year.

welcome to LB bonus. hope to see you sometime next year. enjoy this excellent site.

lovely looking bike

'tis a beauty, welcome and get up to the bar man, it’s gone 12 !!

Mine’s a 1664 since it’s lunchtime.

Welcome, I think I saw that R1 at Boxhill a few months ago… sweet ride.

Hey Bonus, welcome to LB! Do you go to any of the London bike meets? Soho, Ace, Chelsea? We’re going to be at the Infinity evening tonight, Great Portland St, maybe come along! Info at top of this forum.

welcome to LB Bonus !

Welcome to LB mate, will probably see you at Box Hill when the weather gets nice then

Welcome Welcome, Nice bike

Thank you for the big welcome, appreciated.

I haven’t done the London meets yet but that was one of the reasons for joining this site. So I will be up to meet some of you soon. Cant do tonight but will definitely make the effort.

I am often at Box and Bury, and my home town has a great bike meet cafe for Saturday and Sunday Mornings. Roedean Cafe, A259 opposite Brighton Marina. So if you blat down to the sea that’s where you will find the South Coasters. Also at the Madeira Cafe - get to the pier and turn left etc.

Thanks again

Hi mate, nice bike, yeah I remember you from the Boxhill site - welcome

Hello & welcome! I claim you as my Christmas Bonus!

Hello and welcome. Enjoy!

Hiya just registered myself,great site very friendly!Been to boxhill quite a bit only as pillion though as its not far from me,welcome & merry xmas.

welcome to the crew . nice bike are they 06 colors ?? or is this a paint job??

Just when I thought it was safe Welcome along chap