Hello from Lewisham


I’m moving back to London after living near Bristol for the last year and a half. Move date is set for two weeks time.

I’m a new rider, or will be once I pass my tests - theory booked for 9 September and then Mod 1&2 to be booked straight after. I’ve completed my DAS, just need polishing time once I know my test dates.

My bike is due to arrive at the dealers (Fowlers, Bristol) mid September and I’m hoping to go and pick it up on the 26th and then ride it back home across country, instead of motorways.

Once I’m moved and on two wheels then I’d love to come along to some ride outs, although I’ll start with the Monday newbie meets!


Hi & welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome Hanna,

So whats the new bike going to be ?

Triumph Street Triple R, 2010 model, Graphite with various add ons, although not the exhaust upgrade, yet.

I have a picture of it by my desk!

Nice bike, certainly an incentive to pass your test :smiley:

Welcome Hanna,

I spent 4 of the best years of my life in Bristol before moving back to the big smoke. Use to live between hotwells and clifton and regularly go back as still got lots of friends up there. also did a few track days at castle comb.

Id be curious to know the route u take as I could never find one that was much different to the m4.

Good luck with the tests.


welcome… may I just say that is one helluva bike for a new rider! be safe :slight_smile:

Good luck in Lewisham… i’ve lived in Lewisham for years before moving in with the mrs in Sutton.

got used to it but it’s not very nice! Where abouts are you moving to in Lewisham?

Anil - will do… all I know right now is that we’ll go A420 through Calne towards Marlborough, then A4 through Burbage and Hungerford. After that I don’t know!

Jon - it certainly is, I don’t do things by half! My first car was a Saab 93 'vert, 2.0t!

Cavvy - around mid way through Lee High Road heading towards Hither Green


Speed triple sounds good to me.

Welcome to LB.

That’s not far from where I am.

Not want to spoil anything, but do you have a garage, and/or did you check on insurance? Only reason why I’m asking is that very few companies wanted to insure my bike unless it was garaged. And that’s a very very nice bike you’re getting, so make sure it’s safely locked away.
If you don’t have a garage, see if you can rent one from the council (I did).

Hello and welcome to LB:D Nice choice of bike,good luck with getting your license:)

good point, if was me i would not have a bike like that if i did not have a garage.

Welcome, i am only down the road (sort of) in rotherhithe/bermondsey.

Hi and welcome aboard.

i live in lewisham near the center.i wont buy anything new my car is always getting bumped into.dont have a bike at the mo but will soon

and i bet if it is not getting bumped into it is having people sitting all over it or trying to nick it!

if you get a garage i would do everything possible with it… alarm the garage and put in a ground anchor… my mate had a old mini bloomin’ cooper nicked… it was from 1962 or something and they nicked it …had some fun with it then burnt it! charming huh?

Morning Hanna and welcome to LB :cool:


Hey, I’m not far from Lewisham so give us a shout once you get your bike, good luck with the test :smiley:

Hello and good luck with the test!

Did you used to live anywhere near Easton? I got some very fond memories of visiting a friend there at various addresses he lived at.