Hello from LB

Just wanted to introduce myself. Bike novice, I did my CBT last year and did not ride for a year and yes, I have already been told off for that. Bought a lovely CBR 125 recently and started riding. Having done less than 30 hours of riding in my life I am certain I am posing risk to other road users:D.

I am intending to get to Ace sooner rather than later and meet you guys. for the time being I am just envious of your ride outs and track days - seem like a long way to go for me! Not having much experience with bikes I will probably be asking all kinds of questions, hope you do not mind.:slight_smile:

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB:D


Alright love!

Welcome to LB :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the madhouse, lots of knowledgeable peeps on her so any questions just fire away! :smiley:

Hi And welcome

My sis has just passed her CBT i will be dragging her down to bm at some poing

And some planks eh tim ? :smiley:

anyway welcome to LB might see you around as Im local and go 2 l/buzzard a lot :slight_smile:

ello and welcome