Hello from Ireland

Hi Everyone

Just thought i would say a quick hi as i have just joined. I ride a CBR600RR and look foward to chatting to you all


Hey bro! Good to have ya on the site

welcome to lb…

Hello and welcome aboard !!!

Any suggestions on a good Summer rideout in the Emmerald Isle ?

Welcome to be sure

Yes I’m 'alf Irish before the comments arrive

Welcome to LB

Hi John,

What part of Ireland are you?

Orla x

Thanks for all the replys. Hi Orla I am from Dublin.

Barro both me and my brother agree for a rideout if you want scenery you should check out the west coast and if you want good roads to ride on you should go up the north :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome!!! hope to get to ireland this year!!!

Welcome to LB! Post up some pics of your ride!

Hi and welcome to LB

Here is my CBR last saturday when i picked it up

Hey! That’s more pics than you showed me ya bastid!

Really looking forward to taking that wee sucker for a spin when I come home

Haha i only uploaded the pictures now . Maybe i can borrow a bike and we can go for a proper spin.

Now there’s a plan

Phwoarh! She’s beauuuutiful!

My fockers are from Westmeath so go over there a lot!

I’d recommend anyone to do the Ring of Kerry - it’s gorgeous in them there parts.

(no ring jokes please )