Hello from heathrow!

Don’t know if I might know a couple of you from the ace already, but hiya if I don’t!

My name’s Faith. Am on my second 09 ninja 600 after the first one was pinched in 2010.

Um, I keep reptiles, I work in a craft shop, and do drive a car too, but not if I can help it! Haven’t been driving one long so not so great at it yet!!

Started on a little 125 cruiser when I was 18, rode a vfr400 at 19 after I passed and discovered corners!! :smiley:

Just looking to find rideouts and meets and things near me now I’m back on a bike again. Was off one for ages after mine was stolen :frowning: Want to get out and have a bit of fun before all the ice turns up and spoils everything!

Better do photos…

old ninja:

Me and old ninja:

Cheesiest photo ever…lol

New Ninja:

yeah…the two ninjas are exactly the same… :blush:

Hi, and welcome Faith.

newbie night this Monday at the Ace, you coming?

Welcome to LB !

Ty :slight_smile:

Might well be down mon. So how do I recognise you lot then?

Big up Ninja crew!


I will be wearing a red hoody with LONDON BIKERS plastered all over it, as will a few others I imagine, plus there may well be a sign on one of the tables.

welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB! Let me know if you do fancy the Ace/Newbie night, if it’s not raining I will be going, I’m in Sipson and I’ll do the introductions.

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

Welcome Faith, nice bike. :slight_smile:

Cheers guys :slight_smile:

BigVern, would be good plz! Ta v much. :slight_smile: What time do u guys tend to go down for?

Although if it chucks it down again like it did today might bring the car…lol. Bbc does reckon it’ll be dry atm so hpfly not though.

Will have to give the bike a bath!! Got a brown ninja atm :blush:

Hi, I remember seeing you in the newspaper after your bike was stolen. Never found then? Better luck with this one !

welcome from the heathrow flight path :slight_smile:

This one’s got alarms and stuff :smiley:

And it’s now kept in an proper alarmed building. Plus we’ve now got ourselves a yappy jack russell who barks at the slightest noise in the night!! He’s only half a foot high, so he’ll never scare anyone off, but he’ll at least wake me up if anyone’s out there fiddling with anything.

welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB Faith - I will be at the Ace on Monday, so will hopefully meet you then. Nice bike by the way :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB and the Ninja crew :slight_smile:

I’m a reptile keeper too, although just the one little Leopard Gecko. His name is Gizmo. I bet you’re going to tell me you have a python or something to put me to shame aint you!!

Prob be leaving Sipson about 6:30 if going, waiting to see what weather is doing first.

Thnx guys :slight_smile:

I’d love a python! Would have to call it Monty :smiley: Or a cali king or pueblan milksnake, the one that mimics the coral snake. But the o/h won’t allow :frowning: He doesn’t do snakes.

We’ve got a leo called Oscar and a rescue beardie called Endymyion, or dimmi. Great fun hearing the vets try to say that one! Got a pufferfish too who’s pretty cool. He’s the same genus as the one they eat in japan :sick: Not that I’m planning on sticking him in the frying pan!! lol


“no! comfy here!”

Bigvern, let me know mon. Can meet u at the maccy ds on the bath road if that’s any good? Know where it is! lol. Anyone else meeting that sort of area mon?

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: