Hello from East London

Dear London Bikers,

My first time on this forum, I am the current Chair of the East London Advanced Motorcyclists, ride
a Tiger 1050, live in sunny Tottenham and support West Ham :stuck_out_tongue:

one of my reasons for joining the LB forum is to introduce ELAM to you and also to let you know
about a free riding skills day that we have coming up at the end of June.

However, before I continue any further I would like a member of the admin team to confirm that you are
happy for me to post details and if so, which section to post in.

best regards
Brian Dunne

I’m in Whitechapel-ish and interested in this, Brian. Please keep me posted…


Hi and welcome… I am a bit further east and would like to know about ELAM more.


Welcome! Please do post info!

Seriously? I live near the sainsbury’s lol
I didn’t think anyone would live so close!

Hi and welcome :smiley:


Stepney Green, buddy. I say Whitechapel as no one has heard of SG.

So there’s a blank bit on the map between Aldgate and Bow? haha

that means i was your naboure wile i was in hospital for 5 weeks lol

No, you were my neighbour …

that’s what i said =/

do you leave your bike in the bay up cambridge heath road sometimes?
i’m just up that road from the sainsburys

Welcome and I would also be interesting in finding out more!

Welcome easychair!

I live in Poplar btw and waiting to collect my Speed Tripple next week.

I’m interested in more details about your rides…