Hello from Clapham

Hello hello

just bought my first bike!!! I am waiting to receive all the documents so I can ride my bike. I will try to meet you all!!!


Hello Ema, welcome to LB.

Hiya Ema, welcome to LB.

Where abouts in clapham are you??

Hi and welcome aboard.


Hi Ema,

Welcome to LB…what bike is it you have got??

Hi welcome to LB

Hi and welcome!!

Which bike did you purchase?

Hello and Welcome to LB.

Hello and welcome to the madhouse

hi and welcome.

i live in battersea so not to far from you.

thanks a lot for the welcome

I live between Wandsworth and Battersea bridge.

and I bought a GSXR 600 K7 (maybe it is not the best choice as first bike, but I really like it)

I will try to come to some meets, so I can meet you


P.S. I am still waiting for my road tax disc!!!

Hay Ema, i live in battersea too, so if fancy a ride upto the ace let me know and we can meet…

Take care

Hi!!! I’m in Clapham too-Clapham Park!!! Sure we’ll meet soon-I’m the girl on the blue R6 with a star on my leathers (yeah, I know!You probably see 50,000 of those jackets a day!!)

Hey Ema, welcome and good choice for a first bike I reckon…

if you fancy meeting up and riding to the ace or bm just let me know


welcome to lb,

Great bike! I am sure you will love it. I wouldn’t have been able to wait for the postman, straight down the post office!

I am very upset, still haven’t got any document!!!
I bought my new motorbike the 21st July and since then I am paying insurance. What should I do to get it sorted out asap?

Is there someone that bought a new bike recently? And how long did you wait before riding it?

Many thanks