Hello From Canada

Hello all, a fellow brit here living in Canada last 6 years. Wish i was back in england to ride a few track days. Thought i’d post a couple of pics of me at last years track day here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Wicked site and some kick ass videos.

O other thing i was reading through FB magazine and saw a couple of pics of some bird at ace falling off an R6 with heals and no lid on. Is the video on this site somewhere?


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track day.JPG

Great photos! Welcome to LB mate! I haven’t seen the video you are talking about?

it’s the one to go with the photo’s here :


i reckon that video has to exist somewhere, there were people with videos there on the day.

welcome aboard mate.

Never seen a video and it was an R1 mate

Nice picx

Hey there Fella… Welcome to LB…

Hey there, welcome to LB! Nice 750 pics! I love that colour scheme! We have a few ex-pats already, so feel at home

Nice Pics Gixxer750 welcome

Hi there and welcome…


Thanks for the welcome people…

The pics were taken by a buddy of mine Tom the Polish.

The orange bike behind is a '98 zx ninja. I am proud to say that as of yesterday that orange baby is mine. I know have a race bike to play on.

Here is a site from Edmonton Alberta. Not a big fan of it, but there are only a million people here so the bike scene is alot smaller compared to the UK. At least the “scene” is growing.



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