Hello from Bucks

Just thought I’d say a quick hello and howdy

I know a few names from a couple of the other forums but thought I’d say hello on here cos me and The Invisible Dog are joining you on the St Georges Day ride tomorrow

Can someone please sort out the weather for tomorrow

I’ll be the one on the black CBR400 with pink “go faster” lines and pink knee sliders

hello welcome to LB, im the flat you will here plenty from me

Flat be quite you talk far to much
Welcome to LB Babyblade im Da Artist I don’t talk as much as Flat lol

Howdy…mines a pint !!

hi there and welcome…

And because you and Invisble Dog posted such lovely pics… i’ll let you off on the stick poking…



Hello and welcome to the LB forum.

Hello BabyBlade, welcome to LB!

And hello from Bucks too!

Nice to see you two yesterday morn at deep mill. hope to hook up again soon.

Hello and welcome…

Thanks for the welcome guys

We’re planning to head down to Cubana Bar this evening - might have some other folks with us so hope we’ll see you there - just praying for the sun to stay out and the tarmac warm’n’dry

See you there!

Hello and welcome to Lb! Hope to see you at the Cubana tonight as the weather is dry

Hi there Babyblade, See you at Cubana…

I’m glad you like the avatar

I’m the Mrs, and he’s the Mr

Sorry we didn’t make it down this week - we were out introducing my new toy to the tarmac of Bucks

Lovely bike you have there BabyBlade!

Thanks m8 - I think so too

The Babyblade is a fantastic 1st bike, but this it just phenomenal. I’m sooo glad that I did a few years with BB before buying this one (also BB but called BabyBlue)