Hello from another Newbie

Hello all at LB. I just past my full bike test last week and bought my self a 2007 hornet 600. Im looking forward to riding out with some of you to improve my riding and to meet loads of cool people. First stop for me the Newbie meet, then the world :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi, we have mactching bikes, best not turn up at the same party, that would be embarrasing!

Hello and welcome to LB:D from another 2007 Hornet owner,is it the gold(best) one?

Hi and welcome to LB

Welcome, see you on the road :wink:

hello and welcome!

Hey welcome. :slight_smile:

Any advice to someone who will be taking her test soon?

Master those u-turns! (ha ha) :w00t: the rest is just riding! Good luck and enjoy it!

Welcome Foxy!
Yea, Horneteers must stick together!

Come along to Borough (link on the right) and say hello.

good choice in bike, welcome to lb


hello and welcome :smiley:

Hey Foxy,

Enjoy your stay :wink:

Welcome to LB