Hello From another newbie

Hello to all, I’m Simon from London, and have been riding since 5 years old, now I’m 28.

I’ve had a quiet week at work, so have been trawling the net for new forums and stuff,

I ride an SV1000sk3, with loads of mods, inc. ART oval stainless cans, a Power commander PC3 USB, a PAIR kit etc.

My bike is kicking out approx. 118bhp at the wheel, and 80ft.lbs. of torque.

I’m dreaming of the day I can go buy a new Gixerthou, once the missius goes back to work , and both the kids are at school.

Nice looking forum.



Just a thought, do you have a patio? You could have that bike by the spring!

Hello , Welcome to LB mate! Enjoy the site!

Cheers, yes I have a patio, I use it for cleaning the bike, and as a catwalk for my beautiful wife,

I keep the bike in the garage so I have quick access to chasing and overtaking any Dukes that go past, on the back wheel.

Cat walk? Post a pic mate! er… I ment of the bike on the members gallery but if your beautifull wife wants to be on the background we won’t mind. with all respect of course! photography is art , after all

Welcome mate and have fun. Hopefully we will see you at the Ace and Bar Italia.

Take care



Silly questions:

Where is the quote button??

And :

Where is/which Bar italia?


Welcome to London Bikers. Post some pics of your steed up as previously mentioned. I am going to race your bikes baby brother this year, the SV650.

The quote button is next to the edit button. On every post!

Hi there mate, and welcome to the best biker forum on the net Realy nice bunch of guy’s n gals on here,So pull up a comfy chair and have fun,Don’t forget to post pics of your bike.

Yeah … welcome & enjoy!!

I swear that wasn’t there before!

I was looking for ages.

Here’s a picture of me on the dirty cow!

Don’t you wish your ride was as hot as mine??


Thanks very much, and picture attatched above.

Hey www.fastbikefind, go into pic’s n vids and post your bike pic there, looks very nice from the pic (where is the wife?)

Hi there I also have a K3 but got Youshi cans on it . I’ll be posting a pic once I find one that don’t look silly

“Here’s a picture of me on the dirty cow!”??? Please tell me you’re not referring to your lovely wife?

Welcome to the forum. I’ll race you anyday, wheelies and all… My bike’s not a million miles away from the bike on my avatar…

Bar Italia is an overpriced coffee shop in Soho, in Frith Street (corner of Old Compton). On Friday nights, you can see loads of bikes parked outside, with bikers holding paper cups from Caffe Nero across the road from Bar Italia. You can recognise us by the “londonbikers.com” stickers on our bikes/helmets. And, too often, I’m the only scooterist brave enough to turn up where the big hairy bikers (and Foxy) gather.

Welcome to LB

““Here’s a picture of me on the dirty cow!”??? Please tell me you’re not referring to your lovely wife?”

No, sadly he isnt, for teasing us surely he should have to, so we can have a vote . . .

Catwalk babe ? or Patio underpinning ?

[n.b. underpinning option includes default permission to get gsxr1000, but dont let me try to influence things]

:wink: Welcome . . .

No no, the Sv’s the bit on the side!