Hello From A Soon To Be Noob

hello all

Decided that this will be the year I get a motorbike licence :slight_smile:

Gonna be an exciting/expensive year :slight_smile:

Forgot to add I’m 36 do it will be DAS all the way

Probably get a CB500X once I pass

Good luck.

Good luck! It will be the biggest ball ache you’ll ever have cbt, theory test, mod 1 mod 2 and if your not 24 you might have to do it all over again. Nut trust me it’s worth it. Stick with it!

Many here did it like that, included myself! good luck and welcome!

I think it’s actually remarkably easy - you can go from shanks pony to nigh on 200bhp superbike in the space of about 5 days training and under an hour of testing.

Done like that it could be a first step on the stairway to heaven :blink: