Hello from a biker without bike !

Hello !
I’m a french biker who arrived here some days ago , I’ve had to sell my bike (SVS 650) before coming here , in France i’ve used to be very active on another forum and i’m searching for a good community here to enjoy riding as soon as i’ll be able to aford a new bike !

PS: I’ll live in Finchley soon

Cya :slight_smile:

welcome to LB

Bonjour and welcome aboard.

Good move, if the horror stories I hear about the Gendarmes crushing bikes, confiscating licences and issuing enormous fines for speeding, and the French Government banning motorcycles from filtering and forcing everyone to wear hi-viz jackets, are true :crazy:

welcome on board :laugh:


Word of advise: Beware of some [email protected] on a Suicide Commando bike in that area, proper muppet that geezer :blink:

hello, welcome. Shelter here in London, away from the French authorities :slight_smile:

Woo hoo :slight_smile: You’ll like it, nice area… and I’m there!

hello and welcome to LB. :slight_smile:

Yer he likes to get he’s arse out and run over puppys i have proof :wink:

I’ve got the same… back protector :smiley:

Hi welcome to LB

Good luck with the bike hunt

Welcome to LB buddy, and welcome to North London. The best area in London!

have we ever passed paths yet up here? :slight_smile:

And to conclude this presentation , as soon as i’ll find a job here (IT Support…) i’ll be searching a ZXR 400 or VFR 400 , in France we dont have any of thoses 400cc and its a shame , many fun for such a low cost will suit me well :slight_smile:


:laugh::laugh: Welcome to LB good luck We here are the best forum to look at :smooooth::smooooth:


Welcome to LB! Good luck for the job and bike hunt :slight_smile: