Hello, Frankfurt!!

I leave for Frankfurt Sunday morning, Wichita time…I arrive at 6:30 a.m. Monday, local time…giving me all day Monday to mess about. I had planned on touring Städel Museum (http://www.staedelmuseum.de/) but it’s closed on Mondays…so, I’ll have to find something else to get up to.

I don’t suppose anyone wants to catch an Easy Jet flight over to Frankfurt for a day trip, eh? LOL

Tempting bud. Try taking in a bit of that crazy game ‘soccer’. There’s a tournament of some sort going on over there at the mo

there a ‘world cup of soccer game’ in frankfurt on the 1st july

that might be worth a look!!!

Yeah…our Controllers from all over Europe will be there. I’m sure we’ll be able to find a quality pub to watch the matches.

Who knows, maybe one of them can help me to see something in the game that is interesting…the bores me to tears and is actually quite frustrating to watch as I don’t understand the 35-40 minutes per half of just fooking about rather than trying to score goals. :shrug

LoL and there we are Ladies and Germs, our national sport summarised by a Yank.

And dammit he’s right too