Hello form an interloper

Dear All

Just joined up, thought i’d introduce myself.

got chatting to a frienldy gent on a KTM that some Ducati monster owning friends and i ran into in Finchingfield tea rooms on sunday. He suggested that I look you up hear as many of your are often out and about on the good roads surrounding london especially on your sunday morning runs( which is the often the only day i tend to be able to get some miles under my belt, and if its dry you will usually find me bimble-ing through the countryside

Still ahve not head a chnace to read through much of the rest of the site yet but am finding my feet slowly

apologies in advance if i ask some dumb noobish questions



Hi there and welcome…:D…Ask away…I did !! :hehe:

Hi and welcome from another newbie

welcome to lb mate:) me and mates do the breakfast club run, BCR to finchingfield most sundays.

keep a look out in rideouts section:)

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley: