Hello fellow riders

Hi there one and all, a little about myself firstly my name is Simone but everyone calls me Dizzy I live in Romford I have been riding for around two years but sadly mainly on my own as my friends are not into bikes and think im mad when I don my leathers and lid and Burn up off the street I was in Luton a few weeks ago in a petrol station not on my bike I must add and I saw the site advertised on a rather nice yellow R1 so I thought I’d log on and see, I have been looking at your forum for a couple of weeks as a non memeber and you seem a nice bunch of people so before it starts getting grey and cold I’d sign up and get to meet some of you and expand my biker mates if thats ok with you all. Oh and I ride a blue 03 R6 which is my pride and joy

hope to see some of you real soon


Hey Welcome Fellow Romford person

An R6 cool get some pics of it up!!

Welcome Simone…there you go…easy isnt it…prod prod prod

Abbeyj will get you later no doubt

i live near Brands so keep an eye out for run outs and do join in…we were all newbees once…i was not long ago

Welcome to LB Dizzy, you’ve just missed a good blitz down to Box Hill and Arundel today - cheers for the navigation Salee by the way!!

Anyhow Dizzy, get yerself down to the Ace on the first monday of every month for the newbie meet; or Cubana at Waterloo on Wednesday evenings - or just keep your eyes open on the rideouts…plenty coming up…Killspills at the Ace, the Brighton Burn Up from the Ace; there is also the Air Ambulance run to Harwich too. Always someone going out…some where.

Take care … see yer on the road sometime.

Errrr yellow R1 in luton with LB stickers ahhhh could that have possibly been mine wouldnt have been the shell garage by Vauxhalls would it???

I think it may have been the shell its a very nice bike by the way hopefully see you round soon I’ll try for this Cubana meet on Wednesday.

Cheers, my best mate lives up there so i do a bit of tooing and throwing…

welcome to LB anyways

“been riding for around two years but sadly mainly on my own”

Well I wouldn’t mind seeing that!

Hi Dizzy! Welcome to LB!

hello dizzy! welcome to lb, hope to catch ya at cubana on wednesday! theres plenty of us there so dont worry you wont be riding on ya own anymore

westie x

Hiya Dizzy & welcome to LB

welcome to LB Dizzy as westie said dont worry about riding alone anymore,

Welcome to LB Dizzy, (ahem) its your round methinks

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Da Artist

Hi Dizzy Another welcome for you, hope to see you at the Ace some day, if not before on a ride out. This weekend is the Air Ambulance run from Ford Dunton to (Emmmmm where are we going) come and join us


Hi ya Dizzy

Welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick



welcome…seeya at cubana and check out the breast cancer post in general.

have fun.

Welcome fellow Newbie. Stay safe and, above all, have fun!

another girlie on the forum! yay, soon we will be out numbering the lads.


Hey Dizzy, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum, if you haven’t already!

Welcome, yippey another R6.

Hi Dizzy

from one newbie to another welcome to LB see ya soon. (nice bike)