Hello fellow Bikers

Hi, Has anyone been done for a non conforming exhaust recently ?

People normally say hello first!!!

Not personally - but my zorst is road legal. Was it your can that got the tug or was it something else…

Not here Beaner. Welcome to LB, by the way. Are you having trouble?

Hi ya and welcome to LB…

poke poke with the newbie stick…


welcome the site

Thanks for the replys, Got a fine of £90 on the M25 last year, wondered if anybody else had been “pulled”

Welcome to LB mate.

Cheers Chuffmeister, Stalker fan eh… Quality, I was there at Donnington when that 750 gixxer Blew up and Hodgson won the title ( I am not a Hodgson fan !!!) Com on No 9


Yep, I am a fan of the Stalker, he rides a Kwaka and is English, just like me (apart from the fact that he is quicker of course). I have the new rep lid as well now, it will probably get aired at the Brands Hatch round in a few weeks.

May see you there !

Damn, £90, bit heavy, bad luck fella!

Hi there and welcome.

Welcome fellow biker…

Poke poke & POKE hehe

hi to you matey.have fun and join in the mad house.x

Welcome to lb !