Hello everyone

Hello everyone. Im back on track with my Ktm Duke 125. I hope meet here a lot of positive people who share my love to bikes( like we know only bike give you pure and real freedom and try commute in London in the car buhehehe ).

Welcome to LB. Look forward to seeing the baby Duke in flesh :).

welcome back get some pics up of the duke

Hello & welcome on board :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

welcome to LB

Hello & welcome to LB, yep we all love our bikes and look forward to seeing you at BM.
We have a regular Wednesday night meet at Borough Market (BM), where we hope you’ll come down and join in the madness.

Also on a Wednesday night you’ll find London bikers at the Ace Café & Blackheath Tea Hut.


If you fancy a ride out then check out the ride out section of the site where members post regular ride outs.
So get stuck in and enjoy.

Hello and Welcome,

Look forward to seeing you at the meets also if you need any help with the site or attending the meets please feel free to contact myself or RiotingRob.

Have fun and enjoy!