Hello everyone

Been up visiting my cosin. Not seen her for a bit but she was very frendly and things got quiet hot. Is it bad to fancy a rellative? she says we have to be flexable and this her photo wat do you think Arnie?


Who runs her yoga classes?

If she’s your first cuz then that’s a no no :w00t::smiley: any others then go for it ya cousin fugger :smiley:

Dont think so, my stepdad says shes my cusin but my stepmam swears shes my auntie. Anyway shes the first cusin Ive been this close to.

Best not to do anything it would get to confusing specially if you to end up having a argument. My distanced cousin got married to her first cousin and there is tests you have to take before doing intercourse not just for the future kids sake but also there is some kind of disease which I’m not sure what it is called of which you can get. No one can’t help who they fancy but everyone has control of their actings except sadly people with disablities. It is up to you at the end up but my thoughts are that it isn’t a good idea and you will always meet future beautiful females.

Have you seen the film ‘Deliverance’?. . . :Whistling: