hello everyone

met up with Doc and a few others at the recent ‘walk for life’ at victoria park…thought id better pop along and see what was happening…so here I am. (for those that were at the park i was the one in the silver astra)

hope to pop along to a gatherign sometime soon

Well hello there…

and welcome to LB!!

poke poke with the newbie stick




Welcome to LB matey,

Get yerself down to one of the many meets - Cubana on Wednesdays, Ace Newbie Meet on the 2nd October or a rideout - Flats has one on the 8th going to Portsmouth.

Keep it rubber side down.

welcome astra man

Welcome, but just watch out for Da Artist with the newbie stick, he pokes real hard! If you see him coming, duck! (or run!)

Welcome aboard. Your not alone on here mate…

A very warm welcome…

Welcome to Da Site

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie stick

I see he got you then… (well I did warn you - hope the bruises get better quick)

Bruises are a sign of LB LOVE so… SMACK - POKE - POKE

HI there Bluestar and welcome to LB

Welcome to lb

Monday’s newbie night!! i came i saw i met new peeps!

thanks to all of you who said hello, sorry but names are a real prob for me, takes a while.

hope to see you all again and meet a few more. people

cheers, stay safe



that astra wouldnt be a london astra with a light on it ???

welcome bluestar.

yes goat its a car with a light on it !!!

just making sure it was the right person#

that was all

we did see alot of people that day

see you soon