Hello Everyone

Just a quick hello to everyone, thanks for your emails, and making me fill very welcome to LB, hope to meet some of you soon.


ello mate, heard a lot about you, glad ur out and about.

who needs enemies when you’ve mates like Neil

And if that’s an 06 Blade, you have my envy and respect. I reckon it’s the best bike out there, (and I’ve got a 675 !!)

hello there lad1 nice bike

Hey, what a great bike lad1! Welcome to LB

Hey fella, welcome to LB, nice ride!

Hello and welcome, nice bike. Hopefully see you around.

Hello and welcome to Londonbikers.

Hello and welcome, glad to hear from a fellow Honda rider, glad to hear its not a Harley. Cheers for the email

Yee ha, welcome Lee, at last mate told you you would get plenty of responce, they are a great bunch of guys n gals on here. WELCOME TO LB, By the way mines a JD on the rocks mate another LB tradition!!


Yeah welcome to LB fella, nice bike nice colours I feel a big ride comin soon keep your ears to the ground…