Hello everyone!

I’m new to the forum so thought I’d pop in and say hello!
My name is Tommy and well, I’m old…ish? I’m originally from the US but I’ve been in the UK off and on for most of my life.
Now that we’ve settled here I’ve decided to get my UK motorcycle licence which is a little odd because my first bike at 17yrs old was a 1981 Honda CB900 Custom. Now I’m limited to a 125cc. But is all good!

I have daughters and a son ,they all ride. 2016 YZF R125 (24 Year old son), 2014 Lexmoto Street 125 (21 year old daughter), 2016 Honda CB125F (18 year old daughter), 2005 Aprilia RS 50 (16 year old daughter). Myself, 2006 Kawasaki Eleminator 125 Custom Bobber.

There’s a lot to keep me busy!

Wow how awesome!! Welcome to the forum mate, hope to meet you and your family on a ride out sometime! We do regular Wednesday meets in Borough Market so if you find the time - come down and meet us!

Welcome! You would fly through a DAS course. Time and money tend to be the things that hold you up.

Can a US licence not be exchanged for a UK one?


Welcome Mr Rokkin and family.

Can a US licence not be exchanged for a UK one? Abzero

He can drive or ride anything stated on his license for up to 12 months after his arrival. Since he’s been here for so long now he has to go through the process of getting a GB license. 

Benefits of being part of the commonwealth - mine transferred right over! :-D 

Welcome, sounds like an awesome family. Hope to see you on a ride some time

Need to learn to negotiate roundabouts lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Need to learn to negotiate roundabouts lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fair point… lol
At least we can filter/lane split here :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Howdy dudey!

Welcome to you and yours  it’s nice when the family enjoy your hobby too I bet your garden looks like a carpark like mine LOL!

A carpark…sorry dude I dont do cars :joy::joy:

A carpark…sorry dude I dont do cars :joy::joy:

Bob the dude

Thanks for all the welcomes!

Yea I’ve been here way too long to use the excuse “oh sorry officer I didn’t know!”

I was working on RAF Lakenheath which enabled me to have a 3rd AirForce license. Which meant I could ride my ZXR 400. (Smallest bike I’d ever owned up until now)
I no longer work on the air base so I need to get a biometric card. Without it I can’t go any further than a CBT.
Only reason I was able to do the CBT was because in 1998 I got my provisional license.
It’s still the paper one. I can’t update it because I don’t have a biometric card yet.

As you can I’m kinda stuck!

So I bought a stock Kawasaki Eleminator, stripped it down and rebuilt it. Figured if I’m going to ride a 125cc I’m going to ride on something I enjoy. And I do surprisingly! It does the speed limit and doesn’t take forever to get to it so I’m happy!

My back garden used to look so nice!
I built some nice decks, playhouse with trampoline…now it’s bikes, bike frames…I really need to sort the garden out.

Kindest regards,

Ohhh got ya harley riding duddette! :laughing::laughing::laughing: