hello everyone....just bought my first big bike!

Hello everyone, just bought my first big bike and im hoping to get to know everyone and im going to start coming to meets…

ive just bought a yamaha thundercat 600 its my first big bike and im hoping i can tag along at the back and pick up some riding skills off the pros’!

im no rossi and im not claming to be, i just really enjoy riding, hopfully il get alot better over the next few months!

thanks alex

That’s all it takes Alex. Well done.

Your first proper bike is a wonderful feeling. You will never fotget it. It’s a bit like a first girlfriend but like a first girlfriend do go on and get lots of experience with others :slight_smile:

Well, Alex, hello and welcome to LB and congrats on your first big bike :slight_smile:

this forum is a good place to start putting some milage under your belt while socialising :smiley: hope to see you on ride outs when the weather gets better :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB, I have to say a great choice in bike!

Welcome to LB. Ricco needs some parts for his cat so keep an eye on your bike when your near him :Whistling:.

Since you want to start riding might be an idea to meet a few people at the following places:
1st Monday of every month - newbie night at the ace (I still haven’t been to one of these I keep meaning to go)Wednesday - Borough Market (near London Bridge station) which is the ‘official’ LB weekly meet and Black Heath Tea Hut (its on the A2 Shooter’s Hill Road) which is where I personally goFriday - When the weather is warmer you often see a lot of us LBers dotted around the Ace cafe.
Check out this space for ride outs.

Hi Alex & welcome…

Welcome, good name!

OI! Dan! Keep it shut. I’m not a mug like you lol.

Welcome to the forum. Awesome choice in bike… :wink: Better than any GSX650F with LED lights. Aint that right DAN?!

cheers for all the response’s, my thundercat is the same colours as the last guy who replied!

when is the meets gonna start again?when the weathers better or a certain date? cannot wait to start riding and going to meets

The meets are officially still on…Whether anyone decides to brave the cold is another matter…

apegs if your bike is the same colour and one of your fairings go missing that ‘last guy who replied’ is the main suspect.

The Weds meets are all year round. I say just wait untill 7-8pm till everybody arrives and turn up when you feel like it.

Mine Isn’t that colour anymore mate. My nose cone is all black now. Rest is same as pic.

Don’t worry he’s only angry because he can’t out accelerate a 15 year old bike.

Welcome to LB

Hi! Keep an eye on the ride out section! :slight_smile:

Your bike has .2 of a second on mine and the fact that the predecessor to the R6 is the thundercat that is a bit embarrassing :stuck_out_tongue:


To 60 yeah sure… but lets face it you know if we kept going the gap would just increase. For a 15 year old bike vs a 3 year old bike - well you can do math. And i’ll have you know the thundercat is the predecessor to no bike. the R6 is a proper sports bike, where this is a sports tourer. I dont think suzi appreciates your jealousy.

Anyway stop thread jacking. Apegs, where you based? Would love to go out on a ride with another thundercat owner…

i live in se london crystal palace, aint too far from central london, will everyone be going not this wed but following wednesday? dont finish work till 6ish so 8 will be a good time!

@ Ricco - You can’t keep up on a faster bike :laugh:. Now we can stop :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t? Or do I plan on living a little longer than you?