Hello everybody

Hi everyone I was on the unity ride, although didn’t finish as my little baby overheated slightly.:frowning:

I’m in Romford and I ride a purple repsol cbr400 :slight_smile:

Already seen a few familiar names on here :smiley:

I’m often found at High beech at the weekends. Hope to catch up with some of you soon!!!

Hello and welcome to LB from a fellow EB member (newish EB member)

welcome mate :wink: tea? :slight_smile:

There are a few of us coming this way by the looks of things

Have you got any biscuits???

hello and welcome fellow eb’er

Hey, welcome to LB :slight_smile: Are you in the photo galleries for the Unity Ride?

Hello and welcome to LB:D Do you turn up to High Beech with a group including a bloke on a custom bike,think I’ve seen him on a R1 as well.?

Having just seen Linkpipe’s post he,s the one I’ve seen and Micky on the Gixxer is normally with you as well,chatted to her a couple of times:D

wlecome Madbadnblond!


hi madbad, just posted on adams thread also…:smiley: whens slydog coming over lol.

Well ello there Doris :smiley:

Been under any trees lately :wink:

Hello & Welcome to LB

hello and welcome to LB

not too far away from me , hopefully see you around;)

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :smiley:

Broady you are indeed correct me n Linkpipe are the ones at High beech with Micky :smiley:

Oh and there are a few pics of me on the unity ride

I’m the short one lol

Excellent pics by the way, I didn’t even see you take this one but I appear to be looking straight at you:D

Welcome to LB