Hello everybody


I just found out about this forum.

it is great because I am looking for some people for ride outs etc.

But I see that you have more than that.

I will see you next wensday at the market




PS. I tried to post some pics from my baby but I can’t figure out how to do it(I have them in my pc and not at a web site), any tip?

Welcome to LB The rider

to post pics on here that are in your pc you need to open a new reply and click in the box add attachments to this post

you should then see this at bottom of text box (see attachment)

then click on browse find photo and then clcik ok

make sure the file name is in one of the boxes next to browse

then click on post reply

Morning, welcome to the forum

Welcome to LB TR

Welcome to LB

Welcome to the fun

If you can’t post pics like Ginger said it’s not only you. There’s a glitch which is soon to be fixed, a load of us have had the trouble

See you out and about


Thanks for the warm wolcome.

I hope that I’ll see you at the market next week.

I notice that if I use firefox the reply is not working perfectly, with W. explorer I had no problems (and I don’t like W.explorer)



Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB.

Hi and welcome to LB

welcom to lb

welcome and hello!!!


Welcome Aboard …

hello and welcome to the site!

Thanks again for the welcome.

how can I get fast to the market?

I am coming from Luton and I don’t know London very well