Hello and thanks

HiI’m Caz - and I walk for Breakthrough. I have done since 2004. My story is on my website myfeethurt.org - I don’t even own a push-bike anymore so I’m not a ‘real’ worthy member, but as I’ve posted on your forum a few times, and as a member of team MBA (message board addicts) - I know it’s good manners to say hi

  • and thank you x

welcome to LB Caz - you don’t need a bike to be a member here and any of you walkers will always be welcomed with open arms :slight_smile:

thank you SheWoolf xx

Welcome to LB! Really proud to have you on board!!

Poke poke with the newbie stick!!

Hello and welcome to LB. :smiley:

Caz - don’t worry - they even let scooter riders in! :slight_smile:

Hey - if you mean those cheap little peddle along things Argos sell for a tenner - yep, my youngest daughter has one of those I could borrow - hahaha :smiley: xx

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi there and welcome aboard they even let oyster card people join the forum :laugh;

Welcome to LB :wink:


Hiya, Welcome to LB.

Hope to meet you soon.


Howdy Special Person…

welcome to the family.

Its extra special when a Newbie has History with us like you do.

The Breakthrough Event 2006 for us was massive, our chance to shine along side the stars (people like you).

2007 was just as emotional and had just as much impact on us.

You will b a very very usefull member to have on my side to help me and the rest of the forum arrange a bigger and better event next time out !

Love and luck to you.


Barro - more than happy to help - I support this cause with all of my heart for many many reasons

Give me a shout anytime

  • Caz x