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I’m a 29-year old, slightly overweight, computer nerd from Cambridgeshire. I’ve been riding since August 2005 and in that time I’ve covered 18,000 miles on a GSX-R600 K3 and 13,000 miles on a GSX-R750 K7. The 31,000 miles also includes four track days, 19 tyres, riding in wind, rain, snow, ice and that special kind of heat which makes your arse slowly devour your underwear.

I’m a GP-fanatic and make no excuse that I’d willingly suck someone off in return for paddock passes (I haven’t, in case you were wondering). I’ve followed (not in the stalker sense) Casey Stoner for the last five years and also take great delight in seeing Alvaro Bautista and Scott Redding winning in their respective classes. I also write the blog at www.caseystoner.co.uk in my spare time and collect various chunks of MotoGP memorabilia. The memorabilia collection includes such treasures as the boots Stoner was wearing when he punted into Gibernau in 2006, the gloves Stoner wore for his first three GP wins in 2007, Scott Redding’s leathers, various helmets, caps, models, tshirts, paintings, kneesliders and other random **** that I’m yet to find a place for.

This is my current steed, which admittedly is slightly less new and shiny now:

This is my evidence of paddock-whoring (without sucking anyone off):

And these are the leathers I need to buy some kind of display case for:

So that’s pretty much it. There’s a strong chance you’ll find me extremely annoying but don’t try and fight it, just go with the flow and I’m sure we’ll get on famously.


Hello and welcome, pity you missed the recent Palmers Green Cheese Festival.

Have you ever been the subject of extreme rendition?

Do you like lamb sandwich?

What`s your favourite bath gel?

Any advice on trolls?

What`s your favourite tool?

What do you wear in bed?

Don`t be too forthcoming about what you will do for passes, there are some really strange people on this site, we feel your angst but fear for your safety.:wink:

Welcome! even i wouldnt go as far as to suck someone off for passes.:smiley:

Not knowingly.
Not really.
That Natual Source mango stuff. Makes me smell like fruit.
Tickle them.
A blue screwdriver.
A blue screwdriver.

See what we mean! You go Westie, he`s gagging for it, show him the way to true physical enlightenment!

Dont say we didnt warn you newbie, it`s now out of our hands.

Folks, this guy (I assume) could fit in well with Londonbikers.

Obviously a fruitcake of the first order. Be kind.

OK buff guy, whatever.

No, not mint. Mint bad. It might feel nice at the time but once certain areas have a nice coating of minty freshness and then you hop on your bike and go to work, the cold air as it filters through your crotch isn’t pleasant at all. It’s like if you drink fresh orange juice after brushing your teeth; that same sensation but on your winkle. Not good.

Hi and welcome aboard.

yes tis true, you do have a valid point. Id much rather have the lime gel then, zingy yet refreshingly good!i must say however ive never really worn fishnets on my bike to work so ive never experienced chilled winkle.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have no interest in gp’s and therefore am never likely to be in possession of any paddock passes which as far as i am concerned is a very good thing should i ever meet you. Can’t help wondering tho…do you have a wife or girlfriend who may join lb ? and does she have a similar approach to barter ?
anything she needs at the moment ?.. old pair of Zephyr handlebars /one of those toasted sandwich thingies/ a cute puppy ?

No ? , well never mind welcome to LB anyway ;):slight_smile:

Try them under your leathers - they work like a string vest & keep your legs warm.

Hello and welcome. :smiley: The only Paddock I go near usually has horses in it and thankful doesn’t need passes. Much to my relief if that’s what you need to do to get them. :w00t::blush::laugh::hehe:

Sorry niffer, just read your post and the hand action of your sig pic had me giggling like a schoolboy :blush:

Now what girl doesn’t just luv her bike :D:blush::hehe:

Hi RawrUk - love the gixxer 750 -spanking looking bike - the signed leathers are great too!:wink:

Hello and welcome to LB :cool:


Welcome to LB :wink:

hi and welcome:D