Hello All

Hi All

Just joined this group on recommendation of Rich Hanley.

Im currently without bike due to stupid ped stepping out in front of me writing off my week old GS1200 and almost me in the process. Gggrrrrrrr…

All in hands of solicitors and insurance companies at present - so any suggestions on getting back compensation from a ped gratefully recieved!

Been motorcycling more years than i care to remember - legally and illegally for 33 years now! Last bikes I had were a hayabusa, fireblade as well as a GS.

Looking at getting my next GS a paint job - deep pink with silver glitter… hey, you only live once so make the most of it!!

looking forward to getting back out on a bike to enjoy the summer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, welcome to LB… sorry about your off, can’t offer any words of wisdom.

Hey Jeanie,

Glad you could make it, there’s a great bunch of people on here and plenty going on.

We’ll look forward to meeting up with you as soon as you’re back on 2 wheels again (not long hopefully!).

I’ll send Kaos a quick message to get him to have a quick look at this post.


Welcome to LB.

At first glance it might appear pointless making a compensation claim against a pedestrian, however, having a little look at the matter it does appear that Household insurance may cover people for public liability.


This is only Churchill but I would imagine most other reputable home insurance companies offer the same.

This would mean that your losses would be covered by their home insurance, if they have any. I know it seems odd, given that the accident didn’t happen in their home, but that is the way it works. This home insurance will also cover anyone else living in the home, so child, partner etc would also be covered.

This may not help as they may not have home insurance, or the company they are insured with may not include public liability cover, but it might, and at least gives you a chance of recovering your losses.

Good luck, and if your solicitor isn’t getting anywhere, mention this to him :smiley:

least your ok - hate to think what happened to silly ped being hit by a GS !! :slight_smile: good luck with the compensation claim

welcome to LB, & good luck with getting back on the road soon :slight_smile:

Hello & welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the off… As long as your ok :wink:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Kaos, you my good man, are a wealth of knowledge!

Thanks very much to all who have sent me welcome messages :slight_smile:

Kaos - thanks very much for the advice and i certainly will look into it and pass it onto my solicitor.

Rich2302 - thanks again for suggesting this site. Im now even more keen to get back on a bike sooner rather than later!!

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

welcome :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome to the community.

Firstly, it would be very helpful if you could post a picture of yourself and your pride and joy “ when you replace it of course” in the pinned thread “Newbie Face/Bike Photo Sheet” at the top of the newbie forum, this will help the community recognise you at meets and of course ride-outs.

LB has a regular Wednesday night meet at Borough Market (BM) where we hope you’ll come down and meet like minded members.


Also on a Wednesday night you’ll find LB members at the Ace Café

http://g.co/maps/q2nr2 and Blackheath Tea Hut http://g.co/maps/3yywk

If ride-outs are your thing then check out the Ride-Outs, Meets & Events section of the forum where members post regular ride outs.

So get posting and enjoy your new playground.

welcome aboard

I think the mistake you made was to brake for a pedestrian.

Having taken a couple of tumbles due to idiotic pedestrians, it occurred to me that my 'bike weighs 219kg and that braking was not the answer.With a GS1200 it should be possible to ride through/over them and pull up further down the road to remove body parts and unsightly stains from your 'bike.

Hope this helps.


and wow u have had some big bikes. im nervous enough on public roads on my ickle 125 let alone a big bike

Welcome to LB.

Hope you enjoy the place!


I think a GS1200 in pink would look great. Do it please so that I can take a photo for my daughter :slight_smile:

will says hi :smiley:

Hello and greetings - hope to see you around