Hello all....

Bonjour!Im not really that new to the site. been registered for ages but been hibernating under my bed.

Thanks to Mel im a born again re-vitalised London biker forum buddy.

I ride a 07 R6 with quite a few tasy bits and loads more to be added when the weather turns nice again. Based in Dartford and spend most summer wednesday evenings up ebbsfleet or oakdene. Ace cafe is a regular haunt to.Be really good to get a gathering together and a ride out. I ride all year round so if anyone fancies a ride this weekend im free!

Cheers everyone.


Welcome to LB

Not going to be difficult spotting your R6 is it:P

Very nice.

welcome out in to the light :D:D

love the bike nice

Hello again then.

ooh just seen this… and welcome, there a quite a few LB’ers that live in our area :smiley: