Hello All!

Hi just joined. live in kt4 and have nearly a year under my belt. curently on a 125 with no L plates! feel free to ask any more questions

Hiya & welcome to LB :wink:

I’m on a 125 as well - but still on Ls (faffed up my Module 1 for the 4th time today :D)

What you riding then? I gots a CBF125

um… its called a XPS CT 125, look it up if you dont know

Steve! watchadoin wrong?:smiley:

Welcome Andrew.:slight_smile:

I’d love to say I been following Rob too much, but he ain’t never been ahead of me… you’ll just have to wait for the second article to be published when I pass :smiley: (if I pass :w00t: )

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hello and welcome matey:)

Evening Andrew and welcomeoccasion14

Welcome m8

Hi back! what meet ups are there near me?

KT4 - not a million miles from Boxhill, whilst there ai9n’t an ‘LB Sanctioned’ met there yet, I’d be surprised if a Sunday went by when there weren’t an LBer in attendance :smiley:

Also ACEable from KT4 - plenty of meets happening up there.

Or come along with us Kents and do the Oakdene one sunday, or shoot down to Whiteways in Arundel :smiley:

welcome mate,

Stevie - the mod 1’s difficult? i done my test before that lot got the go ahead so don’t even know what it consists of!

Hi there, and welcome to londonbikers!

hi and welcome.


Hello mate. Welcome to LB