Hello All

I was on the Calais to Dover ferry yesterday and bumped into LTL Allie, (Ally or however she spells it) and her parents. She told me about the site, so here I am. With a name like Norton, I’ve never had a British bike would you believe? I’ve got a 1200 Bandit and a '93 Pan European that I need some mirror bits for. Does anyone know somebody breaking one please?

Cheers, Rob.

hi and welcome to lb

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Sorry you had to meet Ally - that must have been very distressing for you :w00t:



She didn’t mention… you know … anything about … cookies … did she per chance?

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello & welcome.

just an idea but unless you want loads of email spam i’d change the username :wink: