hello All

Thought I’d introduce myself.

I’m the managing editor of the Hertfordshire Biker magazine so I thought it was about time I actually learnt to ride a bike!! I’ve done my CBT and am just starting my lessons.

A bit scared I admit. I have also just signed up for a parachute jump so I guess I have a death-wish!!

My objective is to ride to the show I’m organising in April. Will maybe get the test done before the new one comes in, but not bothered really. I 've been to see the off-road bit and I reckon that if I can’t do that I shouldn’t be riding anyway.

Oh, the Show is the Bikers In Paradise Show (shameless plug! - ha ha)

welcome from a fellow herts rider :wink:

hello and welcome to LB


Hi and welcome aboard, i too am in Herts.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome from another Herts LBer:cool:

Why not pop along to our N.London/Herts meet on the 11th November?:cool:

Hiya n welcome… Parachute jumps are easy :smiley: :cool:

Hello and welcome to LB:Dl

Chin chin old boy.

Hello and welcome to LB. Good luck, it can be a steep learning curve but like your reasons for doing it . . . you really, really should be able to ride Mr Editor!

far too many hertfordshire riff raff getting on here you know,

still welcome to Lb :smiley:

Hello mate - ggod luck with test and jump. :slight_smile: