Hello all

Hi all,

I’m Kylie from Eastbourne so not too far from London. Haven’t got a bike yet but looking to do my bike license soon and wanting to get a Honda Fireblade!

Well i look forward to chatting to all of you here!

welcome to lb:)


Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

With that name I was expecting one of Tugs jokes :wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi Kylie, welcome to LB, I haven’t been to Eastbourne in years, was born there many moons ago, my sister is still down there in Langley, has it changed much or is it still full of old people?!? :smiley:


Well you moved Tim;):smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:)

DAS then fireblade, you’re a nutter :wink:

welcome to LB

Hi thanks all for the welcome! I’ve only been here for 10yrs was in Hastings before! I live in langley…nope hasn’t really changed, though they have put a lot of rounabouts in!?!

I like the fireblade though! However doubt I’ll be able to afford it because I want to keep my car too!:slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Saying welcome when I’m a newbie too seems a bit weird…but to hell with it, Hi and Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi Kylie & welcome :smiley:

Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the CBT etc. I’ve read up on just thought I’d get some first hand experience from you guys! I want to go Direct Access, and i’ve never ridden on a bike before.:w00t:

Hi Kylie

I did my CBT at the end of Jan having never ridden a bike before. I then did my DAS and bike test on 12th March. I got myself a 125 for the CBT and then used it to get myself as much road skill as I could before my DAS. That way all I had to contend with was the difference in power and weight. It worked really well for me and I passed the test really well.

For the DAS try to use a training company on the DAS that gets you straight onto the big bike (some companies keep you on 125’s until the last day).

The company I used taught me how to be a good rider rather than just trying to ge me through the test which has really helped me after the test because I feel more confident on the road especially braking and cornering.

You’ll be fine!


so you have to do the CBT then DAS do you? OK i’ll bear that in mind, i do know a insructor so I will talk to him as well. I just want to get as much info as i ca before i go in for it! and also atm I don’t have anywhere to put a bike :crying:

So not been riding long then?

You an do them combined, they usually use the CBT to estimate how long a DAS course you need (can be 3/4/5 days depending on your ability). I found it better foor me to have a break between them so I could gain some road skills.


Hi and welcome aboard :slight_smile:

:smiley: Can’t wait so excited now!