hello all

hello im richard just saying hello as i wont be on that often and have been looking in and out of the site for a bit now.

i have a 748s and will be saying hello and asking silly question for help on products :smiley:

Welcome :)You say that now, but you’re already addicted and don’t even realise :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome…Foooking great forum name aswell :laugh:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hello Rich, welcome to LB!

Hi Richard, welcome to LB :slight_smile: Please do post up a picture of your bike, we love Ducati’s!

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello fella

hello and welcome mate

i will as soon as i get time to go into the garage and take a pic

Welcome aboard fella…:smiley:

Welcome to LB:D

Hello, Welcome to LB. :smiley:

Hi and welcome mate :smiley:


Hi Richard

Get some pics up of that 748 :wink:

Hi and welcome :smiley: