Hello All

Guess I should introduce myself properly! I’m a new member, even though I moved OUT of London about 8 months ago. I live near Stansted airport but work in the City, so am able to regularly pop into BM.

I met a few of you last week at Borough Market last week, mine was the 'fightered ZRX1200…

Anyhoo… Hello all again, and hopefully I’ll be able to join in with some of the rides etc.

Off to Holland/Italy/Switzerland/Belgium/France from Friday… Not on the ZRX I hasten to add…

I read about the montoring thing you do… Happy to take another Newbie under my proverbial wing (already have another fledgling, the young lady who was with me at the BMM with the ER-6F)…

ps… Bike pics here:


Welcome, will we see you at BM tonight?

Unfortunately not… Got to get home to get the BMW sorted for Italy, and pack lol

hi and welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to the fun

welcome to lb…very nice bike mate

Lovely bike, some seriously trick toys on there

Welcome aboard

Welcome to LB, enjoy the Holiday and see you at one of the meets.