Hello all

I spoke to a few of you on Wednesday but this is my first post. I’m an East End boy living in sunny Plymouth but should be back in the big smoke for good come the summer.

My name’s John. I’m useless with names, as any of the 500 kids I teach every week will testify, but never forget a face.

Probably make it down to Borough Market again on Wednesday. Ciao for now.

Welcome aboard !!

Hello, and welcome! I saw the bike, but not sure I saw the rider? I’m useless with names, and sometimes faces as well, as most will know (don’t take it personally).

Welcome to LB

I’m the one snarling and holding a pint of guinness in the, hold on, 24th pic in the latest gallery.

What a good taste in bikes you’ve got!!! That makes three of us in LB!



Good taste in drinks too

hello, another guy from devon!, im from North Devon, hope to see ya soon, nice bike btw…

I work in Ashburton at the moment, really starting to miss London though so I’m plotting my return.

welcome dude!

Ah, that would be you with the yella F800 I spied at the meet! Welcome to the best biking community in the world!

Nice bike, shame you got the unfinished one…!

I went for mid-life crisis yellow to go with the “getting on a bit” beemer image. I’ll grow a beard over the summer hols.

Ha ha, way ahead of ya! Well growing the beard anyway!

Actually, maybe I should ditch the razor now. I’m teaching stories from the Old Testament after easter. It’d take a while to grow a beard worthy of Abraham though.

Hi, I met you Wednesday - welcome to LB

Welcome to LB

hi ya and welcome!!

welcome to LB

hiya n a big welcome

Welcome to LB !