hello all

Hi all

My name is Stuart

Live in the Bromley area (South East)

I ride a 2000 hayabusa all standard I’m afraid but then I haven’t found a need for more power (yet)! Seen 190 on the clock in France

I go to Mugello every year for the GP

I’ll get some pictures sorted soon for your viewing pleasure

I can’t ride due to a hernia at the moment lugging the beast about is hard enough at the best of times . If the weather carries on like this I might get here out if I can find someone to help with parking issues

I look forward to meeting alot of you soon ( I suspect I know some of you already )

Lovely day today wish i was out enjoying it with my Busa

I suggest you all get out there right now

see ya

You missed out the most important bit…


Nice to see another biker with good taste on the boards (I mean the Busa)


And what might that be Pixie ???

I suspect Pixie is after a virtual drink, lol.

Welcome to LB

Ha ha… Don’t think so! I’ll just see him down the local.

Stu is an old mate of mine - he’s the one you can all blame for my new found bike obsession.

Thanks for your welcome you lovely people !!!

Like I said look forward to meeting you’ll soon

Oh and not to forget i know the ginger pixie (not something I thought I would ever hear myself saying)

welcome to the site

Hi and welcome aboard.

hi stuart,

also live in bromley , i will have to watch out for ya along the bypass round the back of high street

(blue xjr1300)

bromleyxjr (mark)

Hello…welcome to LB

hey, welcome to LB

We went out for a ride last night and discovered the hernia was not a problem so I’ll be dragging him out to meet you all soon

Grim - I’ll sit him next to you so you can talk about Busa to each other to your hearts content

hiya welcome see you soon