Hello All :)

Hi all,

the tags Loco, been riding for years I own a Triumph Daytona 600, A TZR 250R (3xv) in rebuild and a honda VFR400 R that I need to get rid of cos I’m never gonna ride it again () I normally inhabit the boxhill forum and spend a lot of time at box and in brighton thought it was about time I expanded my biking friends so here I am and Merry Christmas to you all

Thanks!! BTW can a admin resend the link for activation like a t** I mis-spelt my email for the activation link

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hey Loco, merry christmas and welcome to LB!


Why never ride the vfr again (and can I strip any parts off it… )?

haha shes still in one peice (it the NC24 btw) and ridable but shes too small and not as much fun as the 250 soo i’d rather ride my Triumph

Hi Loco - welcome to LB

Welcome to LB, and merry xmas to u too

welcome to LB Loco

Welcome to LB’s, check out the boxing day burn off, ur meet some peep’s. more the merry

Hi and have a goodun

welcome loco. i better do an intro soon, iam a newbie but a bit shy. in fact hello everyone at LB. happy nu year.

hi loco.welcome to LB

welcome to lb…


enjoy yourself and be happy

Hi all

Been looking on this site for a while but not got round to saying hello!

Bit of a born again biker,I have a Yam TDM850 which I use most, a Suzuki DRZ400 I use for green laning(when I can stay on it!) and just bought an 99 R6 which I will probably loose my licence on!

Went to the Ace today, alot of tired,hungover faces!!..and cant the girl serving the food shout!!wow

must catch up for a ride out soon!


Come one come all and hijack my greeting why don’t ya!!!

Good thing I don’t mind sharing eh?


Wlecome to LB

Better late than never… hullo!

Hello to both of you…