Hello all

Hello all, been lurking for a few weeks after finding out what all those bikers were doing at Cubana on a Wednesday night.

I work round the corner from Cubana and live just down the road and ride a (not so shiny any more) black naked FZ6.

My first question is, what’s with thelondonbikers.com and londonbikers.com? Is it anything like the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Front? :wink:

Welcome 303.

The difference is that at thelondonbikers.com they’re nice and at Londonbikers.com they’re even nicer !

You’ll enjoy it here, I work just round the corner and live just down the road from Cubana too !

Hello and welcome to LB.

hi there and welcome to LB!

poke poke with the newbie stick…



Hey 3zero3, welcome to LB! Come along next Wednesday to Cubana and say hi! Post up a picture of your ride as well in the Pictures forum Like the L.O.B reference, though don’t worry there’s no connection between the two sites, apart from we live in harmony.

Sounds good, should be able to call in next week…

welcome to the site

Hello mate, and welcome…

Hope to see you down cubana’s

well, with working just round the corner and it being “bike to work day” I think I really should call in tomorrow!

If anyone sees a black fz6 all on its own, come say hello…