Hello All :)

Hello all,

Just wanted to say hi. I’m in London and ride gsxr 600 k1. I’m riding instructor and bar manager (both shit jobs ) Generally I like bikes beer and women and I would like to tell a lot of other nice things about myself but id be lying



Hello and welcome to LB trinoo. Bar manager eh? New meeting place for us lot?

welcome mate!!!

enjoy the nut house!!!

that’ll be one prod with the newbie stick!!!


Yeah can be used for meetings as well, loads of parking around it in the city

Hey trinoo, wlecome to LB! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum so we can recognise you. Hope to see you at Cubana/Waterloo one Wednesday evening.

What is this cubana in waterloo, some bar? Are people going there by bike or just to get drunk? If by bike is there a nice parking place and what time ppl usually meet there? Takes me about 10min to get there from where I live, just checked the place out in Multimap…

Hi there and welcome to LB

Hey Trinoo, it’s our regular Wednesday evening meet, check the details here:


Well just came back from the meet and met some very nice people there

hey welcome! so you went tonight eh? yo have done better than me, im a bit of a fine weather rider these days, never used to be, guess thats what comes of not having to commute anymore!

hope to see ya next week!

Welcome mate! It was great to meet you !

Yup ditto!

Welcome to LB fellow biker

welcome to the site

thankies all for being nice and welcoming how many of you guys is coming next wednesday?

trinoo, hello and welcome to LB fella…

Hey Tony, good to meet you today at the Ace. Don’t believe everything you hear…

Hello, I’ve just seen this thread (been mega busy at work so not had the usual amount of time to read LB)

Welcome fella!