Hello, All!

Great work here, Jay! Very impressive.

Unfortunately, I am no where near London but will still stop by from time to time to say “Hello!”

Hey Gregman, you’re welcome here anytime!

Hi Jay, You are getting overrun by Yanks!!

Nice setup you have here. I wish I could meet up with you guys at the Ace Cafe, but there is a little something called the Atlantic Ocean keeping me from getting there. Maybe one day I’ll take the Virgin flight over to visit.

I hope to still see you hanging around the Paddock. Your contributions would be missed if you didn’t.

Keep up the excellent work on the site and best wishes!!

Cheers, Sean.

Hey thanks Gilley! Yes, my paddock dedication does not change, as I told Ese, but I feel it’s time to help build something special for us Brits. I’m looking at coming over the Texas meet later in the year, will look at dates/costs soon.

Hi, Jay the idea is great and already going forward, london needs a space like this where every

one can speak out and you know what every body says the idea going to ROCK !!!

Hey Ricardo, welcome! It was good to see you last night at the film-set, I’ll post up the pictures with the girls on your bike later today! I too believe the site can be something special for us, I have plans to develop it into something very useful…

Not from London either, but I’m a bit closer than the US.

Site looks good so far

Hi to all

New to this site & dont live in london anymore(essex boy now)

Been trawling through site for about a month or so and must say it looks v.good.(learned a few things too)

Ride a 98 srad with 31,000 mls and a few mods.

On my second one of these babys & love em!

Want a k5 1000 badly though!

If i buy a blue & white k5 and sell the old warhorse do you think she will notice the difference!


Uh, dangerous game you’d be playing there, you risk no off-bike fun for a while if she does get a hint of what’s gone on, hehehe… Welcome to the site!

Thanks man

Get no-off bike fun anyway as girlfriend expecting twins

Worth the risk me thinks!

Might have to buy her a kitchen or car to get one