Hello all (yup here comes another newbie)

After reading the various forums on this site I thought it was about time I joined the fun! There seems to be a good bunch of peeps here.

So here’s a big hello to all of you and a few words to introduce myself as is the custom.

As my nickname suggests I am French. I’ve been living in London for over 10 years now, riding for the last 4 years. I live in Rotherhithe by the river and commute to work in Bromley every day on my 06 CBR 600 F (pic in my avatar).

Looking forward to chat with you all (and hopefully meet some of you at the regular meets if I can make it).


Pierre (aka FrogRider).

Hiya FrogRider.

Quite a few newbies, myself included, turned up at Borough Market last week and there was no evidence of pointing, staring, sn!ggering or spitting (I’ve been assured that it was bird sh!t) from the more established londonbiker community.

Everyone is made to feel welcome in a very relaxed atmosphere (Park on the left and eat as many sausages as you can everyone. This is a great location and we need to get them onside).

I’ll be going again tonight to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, come down if you can.

P.S. Apologies if anyone is offended by the word sn!ggering. The filtering software thought I was trying to reclaim the n-word.

Welcome to LB

The filtering software is a constant source of amusement to me


Thanks for the warm welcome.

I’m not sure I can make it tonight to the meet but will do my best (failing that, I will definitely make it next week).

Re: the filtering software, are you telling me I won’t be able to use any French in my posting?

Maybe it ignores offensive words if you qualify them with “pardon my French”.


welcome dude

welcome to LB

welcome to lb frog,rider

Bonjour! and welcome


Welcome to LB !

hi and welcome