hello all newbie.......upgraded

Hello All,

Its been a while since I have been here so just reacquainting myself. Did the newbie towie ride out last year with a few of the guys and it was a blast. looking to get a few rides in, so if there is another similar ride pls let me know. I am not a throttle junkie hence the reason targeting the newbie rides as they are usually at a more sensible pace. I live in the reading area so if there are any small groups/meets in the area I am more than keen to join.

Welcome back, what bike was you on?

back then I had a CBF 600, which I have just traded in for a GSX-R 750. I am getting my run in service done this Friday so eager to see what it is capable off.

Well as you are on a Gixxer you are in my Good books already :slight_smile:
As your on a sports bike now maybe see if you can do the ride this weekend, it is only half the route of the Towie ride you done before, stops at Finchingfield this time. It’s not beginer friendly but as you done the Towie one and now on a Gixxer 750 i don’t see it being an issue.

Check out the thread and ask Ink if she minds you tagging along :slight_smile:

Welcome back. I think I remember you from TOWIE. You’ll be fine on this one, just ride your own ride.

cheers will pop a message to Ink on that thread and see if it is ok. would have uploaded a pic, but doesn’t seem as if its doable on the site yet unless I am just being a complete noob.
@dangerousB good to be back. judging from your profile pic you where the only one on a BMW at the end of the ride said you didn’t leave 2nd gear yet. :slight_smile:

Get ya bloody boots on. You’re coming on my ride. :slight_smile:

Well, I was tail gunning:-)

@ink thanks, providing that my ride in service gets completed on Friday I will be there. I am on a GSX-R 750