Hello all, im leaving....

Been away from here for a while again…

Hope I havent missed too much.

Just letting you all know that I am moving out of London on the 9th of March for good.

I will be having a get together at the ace cafe on the 2nd March from 8, be great to see some of you before I go.

I will still keep in contact with you all anyway.

Cheers, Stacy

Shouldn’t that be ‘goodbye all’? In my view, best decision you will ever make. I quite the big smoke nearly three years ago, and have never looked back (except for having to exit drinks with friends at a sensible hour). The quality of life outside of London far exceeds what you get inside, especially if you have kids. Or want a garage.

So where ye moving to?

good luck wherever you move to Stacy…been a pleasure to know you will try to get down to the Ace to say Au Revoir instead of goodbye, cos hope your gonna stay in touch :slight_smile:

Thanks all, am moving to Cornwall, been great knowing you all and will keep in contact :slight_smile:

k, that’s a few miles more down the road then, lol.

Indeed better than being in the big smelly smoke that is London…
And better roads probably too.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Best of luck Stace!
Sorry I won’t be there to see you off.

Take it easy with the Cider! :wink:

Enjoy stacy I’d love to live down there

Lovely part of the country, wont be able to meet at the ace , but wishing you all the best with your new start :slight_smile:

Seriously when I’ve tried to ever ride down to Cornwall it pours down big time so I end up turning back :I

Hi Stace,

Good luck with the move - am sure you will love Cornwall and really enjoy the sea, moors and riding roads down there.

I think you were one of the first people I met on here back in early 2008 and I remember you reporting back on the Bulldog Bash :D.

Hopefully will pop up the Ace on the 2nd and have a cuppa:)

All the best


Glad for you but sad you’re going.:slight_smile:

cornwall is full of caravans for 6 months of the year - but good luck for your future plans:D

All best wishes and good luck in your new life Stacey, keep in touch and when you’ve settled in we’ll have to ride down for a visit:)

(Are you set to tattoo the whole of Cornwall??:w00t:


If I don’t see you on the 2nd - have a great time down in the South West, it’s a wonderful part of the country and all the best for the future.

+1 Agree with Jets this means a Cornwall rideout :slight_smile:

Best of luck Stavey, Cornwall is beautiful and the roads are fantastic down there! :slight_smile:
I’m sure you’ll have a blast :slight_smile:

Good luck Stacey!!

I’ll try to get down the Ace on 2nd March.

hope you have nice life down there. Surfs up!

Bon Voyage Stacey, being a westcountry lad, I envy you.

thanks for your wishes all, your all welcome to ride over :slight_smile: may also have a spare room for you to kep in too :slight_smile: bring on the summer in cornwall, roads, ink and surfing :slight_smile: