Hi peeps

Over the last couple of days I have been pulling out what little hair I have because my laptop had developed a mind of its own.

The story so far…

Everytime I go to Google something I get the list of runners and riders up on Google but when I click on the website of choice, I’m being re-directed to other totally random sites.

Anyone got any ideas what’s up?

I’m running AVG Anti-Virus and have run Spybot Search and Destroy but that’s made no difference.

Your advice would be most welcome



I had this virus recently- the go-google virus. It redirects you off to random weird sites and effects most of the browsers there are.

You need to download some cleaning software- if you have another computer you can search for ‘go-google virus’ on that and download the files needed- they’re free so don’t buy anything which pops up and promises to clean your computer for you.

I think the cleaner is called Mbam or something… PM if you need more help, I might even have the files kicking around if you can’t find them.

Thanks Will:)

I’m giving it a go and will let you know how I get on.

That sems to have cured it. Thank you very much Will, I owe you a sausage bap next time i see you at BMM:D

Heres what I did if anyone else gets this virus thingy (I think mine came off a mate on Facebook) Cheers Danny;)

1.Go to http://www.download.com in the search bar.

2.Search for Malwarebytes.

3.Download the version there (try using firefox because the download manager on IE7 gets infected)

4.When downloaded, install and check for updates.

5.Run the scan which will last approx 30 mins.

6.When you finish this, remove it all and you might be asked to restart your computer.

Merry Xmas:cool:

Glad to be of help- it’s a real pain in the 4ss that virus.

Make sure you’ve cleaned it with those steps and any other free anti-virus/ malware programs you can get. I thought I had mine cured and a couple of days later it popped back up.

Hopefully <fingers crossed> it’s gone now!

Is this only on IE? You really should be using Firefox.

The silly thing is, Firefox often has security issues too, but because hackers target IE (as that’s usually what the less tech savvy person uses) you’re usually much safer :slight_smile:

+1 for Firefox. Wild horses wouldnt drag me back to Internet Explorer.